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Important Issues

Congratulations to the new councils in the region. We sincerely hope you live up to your promises and the expectations you instilled in citizens. Irresponsible selling, building or wasting is not an expectation, it's a result of ego.


Why build low cost housing that is expensive to maintain when the same amount (maintainance cost) could be a subsidy to landlords under a user system where by the user earns an allowed base and the subsidy would be reduced by one dollar for every two dollars the client earns in excess of the allowed base. This way you grow self-reliance versus generations of dependency?

Peterborough, why build a Parkway, drawn up over a half a century ago, that housing has grown over and that now requires in excess of 20 traffic lights? Cars idling in all directions, visit the corner of Weller Street and the Parkway, or any other intersection, and you will see the environment under attack.

Why the new traffic lights at Highland Rd. and Fairburn St. making the Parkway's first thrust into Jackson's Park? They couldn't have picked a worse spot for winter. Cars need to come from stopped to traverse a corner and start uphill or slide downhill depending on their direction. It's already a problem when traffic flows and the ice from spinning tires will make it that much worse. The choke point is actually at Wolsely St. at Fairburn St. so one has to wonder how did they choose this (soon to be the worst) location possible - the Parkway?

You force traffic from the Chemong Rd. and Fairburn St. up Highland Rd. you endangering the Children that attend Highland Heights School. Can't think of a worse decision or act of planning forcing traffic up and down one of the steepest hills in Peterborough, passing a school and ignoring the choke point at Wolsely St.

To further substantiate this question there are no traffic lights at Highland Rd. and Chemong Rd.. You are now channeling traffic to cross one of the busiest Streets in Peterborough. Yet, there are traffic lights at the corner of Wolsely St. and the Chemong Rd..

It's all about the Parkway and the former Councils obsession with getting that built. The only answer is they are trying to establish a situation that forces people to ask for the Parkway Extension to the Chemong Rd. to be built. I can't think of a worse planning situation.

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We registered KAWARTHA on March 8, 1997 with the .com, commercial use extension. That's well over 21 years ago - time flies but honesty and integrity are constants.

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